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Accounting Policies

Policies being reviewed.  Please check back soon for updated documents.

Clinical Policies

C10.01 - Criteria for Admission, Continuing Care and Discharge

C10.02 - Intake and Registration

C10.03 - Documentation of Intake Referrals

C10.04 - Walk-In Persons

C10.05 - No Shows Canceled Intakes

C10.06 - Initial Assessment

C10.08 - Voluntary Discharge

C10.09 - Involuntary Discharge

C10.10 - Suspension Termination of Treatment

C10.11 - Closed Client Records

C10.12 - Medical Records Requirements

C20.01 - Cllient Grievance _ Appeal Procedure

C20.02 - Client Review of Records

C20.03 - Client Rights

C20.04 - Client Satisfaction Survey

C20.05 - Clients Under The Influence of Alcohol or Illicit Drugs

C20.06 - Consent to Treat

C20.07 - Notice of Privacy Practices

C20.08 - Client Privacy Protection

C20.09 - Client Right to Amend PHI

C20.10 - Patient and Family Education

C30.01 - Boundaries With Clients

C30.02 - Confidentiality of Client Information

C30.03 - Coordination With Primary Care Physician

C30.05 - Duty To Protect

C30.06 - Duty to Report-Mandated Reporting of Child and Elder Abuse

C30.07 - Level of Care Guidelines

C30.08 - Performance Improvement Plan

C30.09 - Primary Clinician-Case Manager

C30.10 - Referral to Clinical and Community Services

C30.11 - Review of Clients at Risk

C30.12 - Service Authorizations

C30.13 - Supervision

C30.14 - Use of White Noise Machines

C30.16 - Outreach _ Home-based Services

C40.01 - Initial Psychiatric Assessment

C40.02 - Medication Policies for All Sites

C40.03 - Medication Response Policy

C40.04 - Obtaining Physical Exams

C40.05 - Medication Walk-in Clinic

C50.01 - IAPs

C50.02 - Utilization Review By Multidisciplinary Team

C50.05 - Client Transfers

C50.06 - GUIDELINES FOR association for family and conciliation courts

C50.07 - Reassignment of clients and caseloads

C60.01 - After Hours Admissions

C60.02 - After Hours Coverage and Emergencies

C60.03 - Critical Incident Report

C60.04 - Emergency On-Call During Office Hours

C60.05 - Use of Personal Vehicles and Client Transporation

C60.08 - Client death notification to insurers

HR Policies

HR10.01 Non-Discrimination

HR10.01A Anti Harassment

HR10.01B Ethical Behavior

HR10.02 Employment Hiring Protocol

HR10.03 Internships and Employed Interns

HR10.04 Letter of Resignation for Clinical Staff

HR10.05 Orientation Training and Checklist

HR10.05A New Hire and Orientation Checklist

HR10.06 Change in Work Assignments

HR10.07 Hiring of Family Members

HR10.08 Reduction in Workforce

HR10.10 Employee Grievance

HR10.11 Progressive Discipline

HR10.12 Absenteeism _ Tardiness

HR10.13 Postings of Information and Solicitation

HR10.14 Personnel Records

HR10.15 Identification Badges

HR10.16 Personal Belongings

HR10.18 Internal transfers

HR10.19 Public Relations and Information to the Media

HR10.20A Electronic Device Use

HR10.21 Influenza Policy

HR10.22 Retirement Age

HR10.23 Required Certification, License or Advanced Degree

HR10.24 Conflict of Interest

HR10.25 Employment References and Salary Verification

HR10.27 Temporary Employment

HR10.28 Creation of a New Position

HR10.29 Fitness for Duty

HR10.29A Fitness for Duty Appendix

HR10.30 Employee Criminal Conduct

HR10.31 Performance Evaluations

HR10.32 Mandatory Education and Training

HR10.33 Cultural or Religious Conflict with Job Function

HR10.34 CORI

HR10.35 Employee Health Requirements

HR10.36 DMV Automobile Requirements


HR20.01 Hours of Work, Meal Time and Basic Hourly Rate

HR20.02 Employee Classifications

HR20.03 Fee for Service FT PLUS minimum wage

HR20.04 Pay Day and Pay Period

HR20.05 Regular and Overtime Pay

HR20.06 Electronic Timecards Completion and Approval

HR20.07 Mandatory and Optional Payroll Deductions

HR20.09 Exempt and Non Exempt Employees

HR20.10 Call-In Pay

HR30.01 Vacation Compensation

HR30.02 Holiday Compensation

HR30.03 Sick Time Compensation

HR30.04 Jury Duty Compensation

HR30.05 Funeral Leave Compensation

HR30.06 Witness Duty Compensation

HR30.07 On Call Policy

HR30.08 Break Periods

HR30.09 Storm Time RVCC

HR30.11 Personal Days

HR40.01 Massachusetts Maternal Leave Act

HR40.02 Medical Leave of Absence

HR40.03 Military Leave of Absence

HR40.04 Personal Leave of Absence

HR40.05 Family Medical Leave Act

HR40.07 Small Necessities Leave

HR40.08 River Valley Counseling Center Parental Leave of Absence

HR40.09 Domestic Violence Leave of Absence

HR40.10 Massachusetts Parental Leave

HR40.11 Reassignment of clients and caseloads

HR50.01 Group Health and Dental Insurance 3-11-19

HR50.02 Disability Insurance

HR50.03 Life Insurance

HR50.09 Malpractice _ Liability Insurance

HR50.10 Notary Public

HR50.16 Employee Education and Training

HR50.18 Employee Assistance Program CONCERN-EAP

HR50.19 Employee Benefit Plans

HR50.20 Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

HR50.21 Pre Tax Premium Programs

HR50.22 Personal Lines of Insurance

HR50.23 Day Care Reimbursement

HR50.24 403b Retirement Plan

HR90.01 Employee Attraction and Retention

HR90.02 Tobacco Use

HR90.04 Travel and Meeting Approval

HR90.05 Union-free Philosophy

HR90.06 Social Networking Policy

HR90.10 Use of Personal Vehicles and Client Transportation

Privacy Policies