Management & HR Services

CONCERN: Employee Assistance Program offers your business or organization a comprehensive array of services and resources to help address organizational concerns, consult on written policies, assist management and supervisors, and address issues impacting your workforce. We work to promote a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce by problem-solving issues that impact work performance, productivity, and presenteeism and helping to reduce workplace incidents/accidents and issues in working relationships. Improvements in presenteeism, retention, health and morale are priceless! We, at CONCERN, are dedicated to supporting our customers by making their well being our priority.


CONCERN: EAP professionals can help address performance by discussing the situation and providing recommendations to assist with getting employees back on track. If needed, we offer a formal referral process to help address concerns and provide guidance on EAP issues, such how to make a Formal Referral, appropriate intervention when safety issues arise, documentation of performance issues, confidentiality issues, etc.


CONCERN: EAP professionals can provide face-to-face or virtual consultation in the planning and implementation of the Employee Assistance Program and are available to provide orientations on services and resources.

SAP Evaluations

CONCERN: EAP has a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) that is available to provide evaluations for CDL and non-CDL drivers at an additional cost. This service is available to all companies and does not require a contract to access.

Virtual or On-Site Training

Virtual or On-site training is available to managers and employees of the corporation. Trainings focus on a variety of workplace issues, such as stress management, workplace violence prevention, sexual harassment awareness, alcohol and substance abuse in the workplace and more. Additionally, trainings can be tailored to meet the specific organizational needs or concerns as identified by management or human resources personnel.

Virtual or On-Site Conflict Resolution

CONCERN provides virtual or on-site conflict resolution for individuals and groups struggling to work together. We address individual roles and focus on solutions to workplace conflict.

Crisis Response

Sudden and severe stress in the workplace can be potentially disabling. In the event of a catastrophic incident or loss, effective crisis response intervention is available to all CONCERN: EAP client companies free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.