I don't want the whole program. Can I buy just training, counseling, or other part of CONCERN: EAP by itself?

No. CONCERN is an employee assistance program and was uniquely designed to provide multiple services at a fixed cost.

Can I buy one training as a sample before I commit to signing a contract?

No. We honor the companies who have chosen to work with us and are unable to provide part of our programming as a sample of services.

What if my organizational needs are different?

CONCERN works to tailor the program to your organization’s needs. For example, if you need a training that is more relevant to your staff and you do not see it on our list of trainings, ask. We can design something for you! Or if there is something else that you are unsure if CONCERN can do, but your fits your organization, just ask us.


Our specialized services are offered in house and do not rely on the availability of outside vendors to provide short-term counseling or training. We tailor and personalize our program to you and work to provide access on demand for you, your employees and their families.