CONCERN: EAP Employee Services

CONCERN: EAP gives employees and family members, who live in their household, access to short-term, solution-focused counseling, consultation, resources, and referrals for legal, financial and therapeutic needs. Specifically, your employee and their household family receive up to 6 counseling sessions per problem and are able to use service throughout the year. Services are completely confidential and do not go through individual’s insurance company or managerial referral. CONCERN provides rapid response to requests for counseling. If long-term therapy is needed, we find the therapist and help with scheduling. If legal, financial or other services are needed, we work to connect the employee with a professional, reducing the time spent trying to find someone to help.

Additionally, CONCERN provides information about mental health, family issues, legal and financial matters and offers consultation at no additional cost. If you are interested in learning more about how CONCERN EAP can benefit you and your employees or to set up a proposal meeting, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about CONCERN: EAP for Employees.

What kinds of problems does CONCERN help with?

CONCERN can help with concerns related to work, relationships/family, grief and loss, mental health, addictions and substance use concerns, depression, anxiety and stress.

We can provide assistance with finances and offer legal and financial referrals, as needed.

Is there a difference between therapy and EAP services?

Yes.  EAP services are designed to be on-demand, short-term, and problem-focused.  CONCERN focuses on addressing problems as they occur and attempts to help you process your thoughts, feelings, and behavior in real time, advising as needed.  If you have been struggling with a longstanding issue and are looking for change, therapy might be better suited for your needs.  You are always welcome to ask for a referral to long-term therapy.

Is there anything CONCERN cannot do?

CONCERN: EAP does not provide either “diagnosis” or “treatment” in the usual sense.  Services provided to employees and household family members include providing information, short-term supportive counseling and referrals.

We do not provide long-term therapy.  CONCERN does not provide documentation, diagnosis or other assistance related to FMLA, disability claims, return-to-work documentation, time off, or worker’s compensation.  We do not perform drug tests, but can refer you to an agency that does.

Lastly, CONCERN is unable to speak directly to HR, managers or supervisors on your behalf.  We can coach you in how to approach difficult situations and resolve issues and provide support.