Be careful of emails!

This was a test during compliance week.  Please be mindful and aware of any email that might seem “fishy.”  Often Phishing Attacks look like normal emails, even from seemingly familiar sources.  Never click on their links, download their attachments or forward them yourself (except to IT).  If it seems fishy, email the person sending (if someone you know) or call them asking, “did you actually send this?”  You can forward questionable emails to IT as well for evaluation.

NEVER SHARE YOUR LOGON NAME OR PASSWORD VIA EMAIL.  RVCC, HMC, Carelogic, Your Bank, or any other company will NEVER ask for your password.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  Below are some resources to better familiarize yourself with potentially malicious emails.

Great Resource about Bogus Emails

Ways to recognize malicious emails

Phishing Attack Information

Resource Video

More Technical Resource (Wikipedia)